The Mobster Murderer – Vito Genovese

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Boss Of The Boardwalk – Nucky Johnson

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Italy’s Bloodiest Mafia

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Has Jimmy Hoffa Been Found?

Jimmy Hoffa–once a powerful union leader before his imprisonment in 1967 has been missing since 1975, and since then law enforcement have been working endlessly to try and unearth his body,with tips coming in from all over the world. It seems every few years a new tipster will make...
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Ten Commandments of the Mafia

In Palermo, Sicily, on November 7, 2007, Italian police discovered a secret Mafia code of conduct. Now for the first time, learn from former mobsters what the rules of membership are, how they work and what happened to mobsters when they questioned the ‘Ten Commandments of the Mafia’. Listen...
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With the Boo Boo in Pink

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Mini Bio: Raymond Patriarca

Raymond Loreda Salvatore Patriarca, Sr. (March 18, 1908 – July 11, 1984) was a Providence, Rhode Island mobster who became the longtime boss of the Patriarca crime family, whose control extended throughout New England for over three decades. One of the most powerful crime bosses in the United States,...
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Johnny Torrio

John “Papa Johnny” Torrio (January 20, 1882 – April 16, 1957), also known as “The Fox”, was an Italian-American mobster who helped build the criminal empire known as the Chicago Outfit in the 1920s that was later inherited by his protégé,Al Capone. He also put forth the idea of the National Crime Syndicate in the 1930s and later became...
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Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend

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The Real Nucky Thompson

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