Mini Bio: Raymond Patriarca

Raymond Loreda Salvatore Patriarca, Sr. (March 18, 1908 – July 11, 1984) was a Providence, Rhode Island mobster who became the longtime boss of the Patriarca crime family, whose control extended throughout New England for over three decades. One of the most powerful crime bosses in the United States,...
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Johnny Torrio

John “Papa Johnny” Torrio (January 20, 1882 – April 16, 1957), also known as “The Fox”, was an Italian-American mobster who helped build the criminal empire known as the Chicago Outfit in the 1920s that was later inherited by his protégé,Al Capone. He also put forth the idea of the National Crime Syndicate in the 1930s and later became...
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Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend

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The Real Nucky Thompson

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Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire is easily the best show currently airing. HBO outdid themselves with this series they have put together.   If you are a history buff, or if stories from the Prohibition era interest you, then you must tune in to this show every Sunday night at 9 PM...
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Mini Bio:Arnold Rothstein

New York’s preeminent underworld figure of the roaring 20s and the years just before was Arnold Rothstein. This man who would later become known as Mr. big was born in Manhattan in 1882. His father was a very successful philanthropic merchant. A. R. Was the model for both Nathan...
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Frank Nitti

Frank Nitti was born on January 27, 1888 in Sicily. He came to the United States at the end of World War I and settled in Chicago, Illinois. There, he went into business as a barber and also bought and sold stolen jewelry on the side. His underworld dealings...
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Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky was born as Majer Suchowlinski on July 4, 1902 in Grodno, Poland. His parents were both Jewish and moved the family to the United States in 1911, where they settled in New York City. In school, Meyer met a boy named Charles “Lucky” Luciano, who tried to...
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Al “Scarface” Capone

Al Capone was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York. His neighborhood was pretty tough and as a child he was a member of two gangs: the Brooklyn Rippers and the Forty Thieves Juniors. Al dropped out of school when he was fourteen, despite being intelligent. Al worked...
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John Gotti

  John Gotti was born in the Bronx on October 27, 1940. His family moved into a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn when he was 12. John began to love the streets and dropped out of school in 8th grade. After spending years performing small crimes and gaining respect in...
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