Italian American Mafiosi

* Charles Luciano ‘Lucky Luciano’: (1897-1962) New York Boss. Founder of the modern American Mafia. Boss of the Genovese Family.

Bonanno Family

* Joe Bonanno ‘Joe Bananas’: (1905-2002) Boss of the Bonanno Family.
* Salvatore Maranzano ‘Caesar’: (1886-1931) Boss of the Bonanno Family.

Colombo Family

* Joe Profaci: (1897-1962) Boss of the Colombo Family.

Gambino Family

* Carlo Gambino ‘Don Carlo’ or ‘The Godfather’: (1902-1976) New York Boss. Boss and expander of the Gambino Family. Most powerful Boss in Mafia history.
* Vincent Mangano: (1888-1951) Boss of the Gambino Family.
* Albert Anastasia ‘The Lord High Executioner’: (1902-1957) New York Boss. Boss of the Gambino Family. Ran the Murder Inc.
* Paul Castellano ‘Big Paul’: (1915-1985) Gambino Boss. Assassinated on the orders of John Gotti.
* John Gotti (1940-2002): Boss of the Gambino Family, 1985-1992. Known for his outspokenness and flamboyant style, which eventually led to his downfall.

Genovese Family

* Giuseppe Morello: (1870-1930) Boss of the Morello Family (later called Genovese Family); the First Boss of Bosses.
* Joe Masseria ‘Joe the Boss’: (1887-1931) Boss of the Genovese Family.
* Charles Luciano ‘Lucky’: (1897-1962) Boss of the Genovese family and founder and Chairman of the Commission.
* Frank Costello ‘Prime Minister of the Underworld’: (1891-1973) Boss of the Genovese family, first served as Consigliere to Lucky Luciano. Costello had more political influence than any other boss in Mafia history.
* Vito Genovese ‘Don Vito’: (1897-1969) Boss of the Genovese family.
* Philip Lombardo ‘Benny Squint’: (1908-1987) Boss of the Genovese family.
* Vincent Gigante ‘The Chin’: (1928-2005) Boss of the Genovese family.

Lucchese Family

* Gaetano Reina ‘Tommy’: (1889-1930) First Boss of the Reina family (early Lucchese crime family), was murdered on February 26, 1930.
* Gaetano Gagliano ‘Tommy’: (1884-1951) First Boss of the Lucchese crime family.
* Gaetano Lucchese ‘Tommy Brown’: (1899-1967) Boss of the Lucchese family from 1951 to 1967.[14]
* Carmine Tramunti ‘Mr. Gribbs’: (1910-1978) Boss of the Lucchese family.
* Anthony Corallo ‘Tony Ducks’: (1913-2000) Boss of the Lucchese family, convicted in the Mafia Commission case in 1986.
* Vittorio Amuso ‘Vic’: (1934) Current Boss of the Lucchese family.

Buffalo Crime Family

* Stefano Magaddino ‘The Undertaker’: (1891-1974) Boss of The Arm.

Chicago Crime Family

* Johnny Torrio: (1882-1957) Prohibition-era Boss of the Chicago Outfit.
* Frankie Yale: (1893-1928) Prohibition-era Boss of the Brooklyn “Black Hand” and original employer of Al Capone.
* Al Capone ‘Scarface’: (1899-1947) Prohibition-era Boss of Chicago.
* Tony Accardo ‘Joe Batters’: (1906-1992) Longest serving Boss of the Chicago Outfit.
* Sam Giancana: (1908-1975) Boss of the Chicago Outfit from 1956 to 1966.
* Anthony Spilotro: (1938-1986) Intimidating Chicago Outfit enforcer, depicted in the film Casino.

Florida Crime Family

* Santo Trafficante, Jr.: (1914-1987) The most powerful mobster in Florida and Batista-era Cuba.

New Orleans Crime Family

* Carlos Marcello: (1910-1993) Boss of the New Orleans crime family in the 1960s.

Philadelphia Crime Family

* Angelo Bruno ‘The Gentle Don’: (1910-1980) Ran the Philadelphia Mafia for two decades with little violence.
* Nicodemo Scarfo ‘Little Nicky’: (born 1929) Philadelphia Mafia Boss who orchestrated a particularly ruthless regime and ordered over a dozen murders.

SOURCE – Wikipedia

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